Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2nd day n the end...

ok let me continue from previous post.its all about OC.weee...~
from the second day of binding camp,many things that happen.i like it.=)
All the oc`s are divided into six group and my group is group 2. group`s name

as usual,we are required to make our own postbox,what the function of it??hehehehe.of couse laa to put sumthing in it.can put anything such as,love letter,sweet,anything laa.before that,we have been assigned to take care one people, "mortal and angle"..who is my mortal??hehehe.already forgot since i got that name,her name quite long and not in the list.hhuhuu sorry..
but i`m very grateful becoz i got an "angle" that really take care of me..waaa syoknyee..really unexpected to receive many things compared to the last year..hehehe..thank you so much..

my postbox with "bee" design

then,we go through all the modules that have been planned by them.really enjoy it.i think for this year,all the modules really reasonable.dont have some sort like stupidnesssssss module n more thing,i can remember all the OC`s name..weeeeeee....passion!!!..

ok,my task for registration day is "campus runner".actually i`m not really run there and there.just to go to the toilet only =)..i`ve been placed at XR foyer.the middle one between xr1002 and job is welcoming all people,mainly new student and show them where to register.mean i`m the first OC they will see...hehehehe...very tired looo.repeat the same words all the time."good morning,coming for registration rite?,ok you go straight then turn right" some parent want to chit chat with us,cannot escape laaa...tired..tired.(later i put the pic)

then just after the registration,orientation week begin..i`ve given opportunity to be mobile OC..very happy got that i`ve been paired with someone that really passionate.hihihii..who?..jeng jeng jeng..thanks for all your support..handle the freshies?easy?no laa..quite tough.1st task is make sure all the freshies know each other.for group 15(my group),in the early,everybody very "senyap"..its normal,then after that they shows improvement.what make me very surprise is,1st day very shy,then second day can talk on the
decipline,on time,roll call,basic thing to be an OC....
decipline,on time,roll call,briefing,basic things as freshies...hehehe

at night,for muslim they must attend surau session.this session actually want to bind all muslim student with muslim OC.we also discussing some topic that have been given to us..after subuh prayer also got surau session..5.30am need to gather(attandence check),.hohoho,quite tough.OC must be there before the freshies..if late,kantoi laa..hehehe

haiyo,so tired laa typing..later i continue=)

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